vMix iPad Control Surface w/ PTZ camera controls – Tutorial

vMix iPad Control Surface w/ PTZ camera controls – Tutorial

Today, we wanted to review the new iPad Control Surface app available for iOS. This app has been developed by Seth Haberman and is available for download for only $4.99! The control surface allows you do almost everything you can from a control standpoint in vMix from a remote location on an iOS device. The app features 12 buttons for overlays, preview control, and program switching. It also offers a 12 channel audio mixer which is super helpful and even easier to use in my opinion than the built-in vMix audio controller!

So, first of all let’s talk about connecting cameras to vMix for PTZ camera control. This can be done via IP connection or UVC connection. To find the IP address of your camera all you have to do is search for it on your network. One you have the Static IP address for your PTZOptics camera you can enter it into vMix with the video input. For this tutorial we will show UVC camera control since that is easier to setup and newer. UVC control works over a single USB connection to your camera. From here all you need to do is select UVC and press connect. Once you have connected we can start creating virtual vMix inputs that are assigned to camera presets. OK, so we have our camera presets which are assigned to vMix video inputs.

Now we can use the iPad to move the PTZ camera around with vMix. The best way to do this would be to use the preview window so that the viewers watching the live video or “output” video are not watching the camera movements. Once the camera has moved to the needed position in the preview window you can use a transition to move to that camera preset live. We also review using overlays, previews and cuts in this video. Enjoy!

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vMix iPad Control Surface w/ PTZ camera controls – Tutorial

vMix iPad Control Surface w/ PTZ camera controls – Tutorial


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