How-To Troubleshoot: IC694ALG391 (Proficy Machine Edition Training)

How-To Troubleshoot: IC694ALG391 (Proficy Machine Edition Training)

How-To Troubleshoot: IC694ALG391 (GE Intelligent Platforms PLC Tutorial/Proficy Machine Edition Training)

This video is a troubleshooting tutorial for the IC694ALG391 Analog Output Module.

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IC694ALG391 – GE Fanuc PLC RX3i PacSystem
SKU 2178264 : UPC 0799705802407
[Isolated +24 VDC Power]

– The 2–Channel Analog Current Output module, IC694ALG391, has two output channels, each capable of converting 12 bits of binary (digital) data to an analog output signal for field devices.
– Each output can be set using a jumper on the module to produce output signals in one of two ranges:
▪ 0 to 20 mA
▪ 4 to 20 mA.
– Each output may also be set up as a less accurate voltage source.
– The selection of current or voltage output is made with a jumper or resistor on the module terminals.
– Both channels are updated on every scan. The module’s outputs can be set up to either Default to 0/4 mA or Hold–Last–State if the CPU goes to the Stop mode or Reset. Selection of the output default state is made by a jumper on the module’s terminal board.
(See Output Defaults in this section for more information.)
– LEDs:
▪ The Module OK LED is ON when the module’s power supply is operating.
– If the module is located in an RX3i Universal Backplane, an external source of Isolated +24 VDC is required to provide power for the module.
– The external source can be connected via the TB1 connector on the left side of the backplane or directly on the module’s terminal block.
– If this module is located in an Expansion Backplane, its primary power source can be either the Isolated +24 VDC from the backplane power supply or an external Isolated +24 VDC power supply connected to the module’s terminal block.
– If the external source is set between 27.5-30 VDC, it takes over the module’s load from the Isolated 24 VDC system supply.
*** Note that an external source should be used if it is desired to maintain hold last state operation during a loss of backplane power.

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How-To Troubleshoot: IC694ALG391 (Proficy Machine Edition Training)

How-To Troubleshoot: IC694ALG391 (Proficy Machine Edition Training)

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